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Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese

Goldfields Farmhouse Warrenheip Ashed White Mould Cheese

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The sister cheese to Warrenheip White. The layer of ash it put on the cheese when the cheese is a couple of days old then the white mould is grown through it. Originally cheeses were coated with ash as it is a good preserving agent and keeps the flies off, we put it on because we liked the look. But it does change the texture and flavour of the cheese. Warrenheip Ashed is softer than the Warrenheip White and the ash gives the cheese a more rounded flavour.

About Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese

A visit to a cheese shop while living in England sparked an interest in cheese, a one-day cheese making class ignited a passion for cheese making and the lack of locally made specialty cheeses spurred Nardia Baxter (a microbiologist) and Andrew Keene (a food technologist), into starting Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese in the regional town of Ballarat in 2005.

Ballarat is situated between the rich red volcanic soils of the Central Highlands and the lush pastures of the Western District giving them access to high quality milk from diverse breeds of dairy animals.